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Simpson PS3228

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Well Built and durable, fitted with a long lasting Honda GX200 gasoline engine, ample 3200 PSI for any domestic task.

The engine will inevitably outlast the pump, which needs to be periodically replaced. Hard to winterize the pump.


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Our Review:

washer criticElectric pressure washers are great in terms of maintenance but when it comes to raw power and durability, a gas pressure washer is always better. The Simpson PS3228-S makes this point quite clearly. It incorporates quality components wherever necessary and cuts down cost at places that impact the least on performance. Probably not the most user friendly of all machines but this pressure washer has got enough power and performance to keep any homeowner happy for a decade or more.

Ease Of Use: 4/5

Operating this beast is simple. Start-up was never a problem as the manual highlights the procedure for cold start and hot start quite clearly. All you have to do is follow the instructions, observe the numberings on the pressure washer and pull the cord to start it up. Since, all Simpson pressure washers come tested from the factory, you know that your particular piece is not going to fail you. As for subsequent usage, I found that it was a bit taxing to operate when using the hose and wand interchangeably because it takes some time to fit them together. Thankfully, attaching nozzles is not such a big issue although, the tray to hold all the five tips tends to shake a lot when the unit is switched on.

Noise: 3/5

Don’t expect a quite noiseless operation with the Simpson PS3228-S. The Honda GX200 engine is not the top of the line motor that many other professional series pressure washers use. It is a simple semi-pro grade engine designed to keep costs down. Accordingly, the noise this beast produces is deafening. Thankfully, the power output is at par with the noise levels and so I can live with a bit of a ruckus. If you aren’t a fan of noisy power tools then gas powered machines are not for you.

Power: 5/5

The engine and pump together manage to pump out 3200 PSI at an impressive efficiency. In fact, when you use the telescopic wand connected to the hose and the pressure washer to extend its reach to as far as 8 feet, the pressure drop observed is marginal. As a semi-pro pressure washer, this is an excellent power output.

Application: 5/5

Okay so you can’t regulate the pressure produced by this pressure washer but that is not a problem since with the 5 different spray tips, you can actually control the eventual pressure to a certain extent. If you plan on washing cars alone then this is an over powered device. However, for an average home owner looking to purchase something that can cater to all their home maintenance projects, the Simpson PS3228-S is a great investment.

Durability: 4/5

Welded steel frame holds together each individual component firmly in place but does nothing to eliminate vibration. It is probably because of the use of a superior engine that the vibrations are a bit too much. Nevertheless, the only real problem you will face eventually is the pump wearing out faster than the engine itself. The AAA Industrial Triplex Pump with Power Boost included in the Simpson PS3228-S lasts a good two to three years on average use but do not expect it to work any longer than that. Compared to the extensive 10 plus year life of the engine, the pump is probably the only weak spot. Nevertheless, for the sub $500 price tag, this is definitely a long lasting pressure washer.

Customer Support: 3/5

Simpson is not known for its outstanding customer support. In fact, queries via email by other customers have gone unanswered and replacements tend to take a long time to arrive. Calling for technical help will not help much either. Thankfully, those who have working knowledge on pressure washers will not need to depend on Simpson customer care.

Our Overall Rating:4/5

The Simpson PS3228-S uses the same engine and pump as the DeWalt DXPW3228 but scores a couple of points less than the latter primarily because of its poor customer support. Construction wise, usability wise and performance wise, this pressure washer is top notch. In all honesty, it deserves to be a 5 star semi-pro gas pressure washer but isn’t so because of the inability of Simpson to respond to customer problems.

Features and Specifications
  • GPM of 2.8 and PSI of 3200.
  • Uses Honda GX200 OHV engine with an oil alert.
  • Welded Steel frame and construction.
  • Premium pneumatic tires of 10 inch.
  • 25 feet monster hose with 5/16inch diameter and spray wand that connect together.

2 Responses to “Simpson PS3228-S Review”

  1. Steven Lanctot says:

    In your reviews you downgrade the Simpson 3228 because of an inferior pump. I believe the Simpson comes with a Triplex pump which is supposed to be better than the Axial Cam pump found on most comparable models but these supposed sub inferior pumps are not mentioned in reviews. Is the Trplex pump better than the Axial cam ?? Looking to purchase a pressure washer and want one that will last a while.

  2. james morro says:

    what is the horsepower of the engine

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