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GreenWorks is very much the new kid on the block when it comes to pressure washer equipment but they have been turning heads ever since day one because of their dedication to offering 100% electric only pressure washer systems and power tools.

That’s right. You will not find ANY gas powered power tools or pressure washing equipment from the folks at GreenWorks – not today, not tomorrow, and (likely) not ever.

Even still, the pressure washers than the folks at GreenWorks produce are incredibly powerful, efficient, and quite capable in their own right. While they may not have the raw horsepower that gas powered solutions provide they are still plenty heavy duty!

best greenworks pressure washer

Top 5 GreenWorks Pressure Washers on Amazon

So, why buy a Greenworks Pressure Washer?

The overwhelming majority of people choose to purchase a GreenWorks pressure washer for two reasons:

  • They are absolutely sick and tired of the dirty and noisy operation of gas-powered systems and/or...
  • They are absolutely sick and tired of lugging around a foolishly heavy gas powered system and feeding it fuel more frequently than they ever thought they’d need to.

As we highlighted above, sometimes you need the extra power and punch of a gasoline-powered pressure washer. There are some things that are so stuck on, so ingrained, that only the ridiculously powerful jets of water that gasoline-powered systems can produce have a chance at stripping the surface clean.

Almost everything else, however, electric pressure washers more than step up to the plate and knock out a home run. GreenWorks has engineered lightweight solutions that can go toe to toe with most residential and hybrid systems, and really the new commercial lineup that they have been working on is pretty rock solid in that department as well.

When you switch to electric pressure washers you don’t have to worry about noise, you don’t have to worry about the smelly, dirty small engine or the maintenance and repairs it requires, and you eliminate at least 50% of the weight that you would have otherwise had to lug around while you use your pressure washer.

What Separates The Best Greenworks Pressure Washers from the Rest of the Pack

Nothing differentiates GreenWorks pressure washers from the rest of the pack more so than their staunch focus on 100% electric units that are so different and so distinct from the overwhelming majority of gas-powered systems out there today.

greenworks power washerThis is a company that wants to focus on creating a zero carbon footprint and the company has made a commitment that their entire product line from top to bottom will NEVER release a single ounce of carbon emissions into the air ever again.

People around the world are getting more conscious about their environmental impact and how they treat the world that we will all have to inevitably leave to future generations. Obviously switching from a gas powered pressure washer to an electric pressure washer isn’t going to change course when it comes to global climate issues, but it certainly isn’t going to hurt, either.

Because you eliminate the small internal combustion engine element from the equation with GreenWorks entirely you also eliminate the need for regular maintenance and repair. The entire system that GreenWorks has pioneered for their pressure washers is as close to maintenance-free as you are going to get.

No more oil changes. No more air filter changes. No more spark plugs. No more gas.

How GreenWorks Power Washers Stack Up Against the Competition

If you’re wondering how GreenWorks stacks up against the competition, the only real competition you’re going to get what it comes to 100% electric pressure washer systems comes from the folks at Karcher, Sun Joe, and Ryobi.

sun joe logo
Sun Joe Vs. GreenWorks

Sun Joe is a close competitor of GreenWorks, with many of the products both of these companies provide almost identical or mirrored images of one another. Sun Joe solutions are easy to use almost right out of the box (assembly usually takes nothing more than a screwdriver and about five minutes or so), and recently the company has overhauled their look completely to something a little more sophisticated and a bit more futuristic.

Ryobi logo
Ryobi Vs. GreenWorks

Ryobi is a dark horse in the electric pressure washer community, if only because some of their products can be a little bit hit or miss – kind of like the rest of their product lineup. This is a company that is really trying to make inroads into different areas of business from their power tool lineup, with the cordless power tools really helping to set the foundation of this company and establishing its “electric first” focus. You are likely to find GreenWorks products to be little more durable, little more powerful, and a little easier to use than this competitor.

Karcher vs honda
Karcher Vs. GreenWorks

Karcher is a premier European brand that has been around ever since the 1950s, a brand that has a legendary reputation for high-quality products that operate at high-efficiency levels and with plenty of power and punch to clean most anything.

GreenWorks has a long way to go to be able to stand toe to toe with this company based on reputation alone, though some of the new designs and features that GreenWorks has introduced recently show this company to be a little bit more innovative than the folks at Karcher are right now.

Attachments, Parts, and Add-Ons to Help Squeeze Even More Performance Out of Your GreenWorks Pressure Washer

pressure washer nozzles
Hose Nozzle

The first thing you’ll want to do after purchasing a GreenWorks electric pressure washer is to find the “Zero Degree” hose nozzle that comes included with it and make sure that you always have it close at hand.

With the overwhelming majority of gas powered pressure washers out there you want to stay away from this hose nozzle as it concentrates the stream far too much and can cause physical damage, but since the electric pressure washers are going to be a little bit more under-powered it’s not a bad idea to have this on hand for particularly sticky jobs or difficult projects.

Brass Couplers
Brass Couplers

Just like with gas pressure washers you’ll also want to get your hands on brass couplers and fittings that connect the water supply to your pressure washer and the pressure hose to the unit itself. Far too many companies (including GreenWorks) have plastic or synthetic couplers that are likely to fail later down the line, particularly if you are using your pressure washer on a regular and consistent basis.

You aren’t going to run into that kind of safety threat when you choose to use brass couplers and fittings. Anytime you’re talking about putting water under pressure you want to make sure that you’re doing everything you can to corral its force, and brass fittings help you do exactly that.

wand extender
Wand Extenders

Lastly, it’s not a bad idea to get your hands on pressure wand extenders and hose extensions as well. Sure, lugging around quite a bit of extra hose isn’t going to be much fun but it’s a lot better than trying to finagle your position around with your GreenWorks pressure water to get to the harder to reach areas you are hoping to clean.

The extension on your pressure washer wand helps you to avoid having to climb up on top of a ladder or scaffolding with a high-pressure hose in your hand. This dramatically reduces safety risks

In Conclusion

All things considered, you’re likely going to find the GreenWorks pressure washer lineup to be underpowered compared to the options available in the gas-powered space – but that’s to be expected.

Unless you’re looking for commercial grade power right out of the box (most homeowners simply do not have a need for that kind of raw power) the odds are pretty good that the GreenWorks pressure washer lineup is going to check all of the boxes you are after when making this kind of purchase.

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