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It’s almost impossible to imagine now, but in the earliest days of Honda’s history – all the way back in 1937 – this company was known for its failure to produce quality products that were easy to install and easy to maintain.

Originally developing piston rings for Toyota and losing the contract because of their lack of quality control, Honda quickly righted the ship and went on to become one of the most influential manufacturers on the planet – a reputation they continue to enjoy today.

And while their automobiles get the lion’s share of attention, the small engine products that Honda produces – like their Honda powered pressure washers – are just as high quality, just as reliable, and just as dependable. Things are a far cry from the early days at this Japanese manufacturer!

best honda pressure washers

Why Buy a Honda Pressure Washer?

The fact that there are 16 individual pressure washer companies out there that choose to use Honda small engines to power their equipment rather than try and build something of their own should tell you everything you need to know about the quality, the capabilities, and the durability of Honda systems.

While it’s pretty tough to get your hands on a Honda powered pressure washer outside of Japan (though not completely impossible) these pieces of equipment have proven themselves to be right up there with the best of the best power washers on the planet today.

red honda power washer

The very first under pressure washer wasn’t released to the general public until 1986, almost 50 years after the company was originally established. A number of other small engine projects had been tackled before pressure washers were brought into the product lineup fold, including lawnmowers, snowblowers, and (obviously) motorcycles.

The biggest reason to choose a Honda power washer (or any of the pressure washer brands that are using Honda engine) is because of the durability and reliability of the small engine you will be investing in.

This is a company that has a legendary reputation for high-quality products, for inexpensive products, and for easy to fix and maintain products that fly in the face of most other manufacturers producing small engines today. This reputation is central to the brand image Honda projects and is reason number one to get your hands on this kind of equipment.

What Separates Honda Pressure Washers from the Rest of the Pack

Not only does the legendary reputation for durability separate Honda from the rest of the pack, but the sheer volume of options they make available – options to suit every need and budget – is another major differentiator.

Honda has small engines as small as 25cc and as large as 688cc across their full line of small engine solutions, but the majority of their pressure washer options run from between 160cc to 390cc. The smaller systems are obviously better suited for residential and more casual applications with the larger options perfect for commercial setup, and there are some “tweener” solutions that fit right in the middle as well.

The inclusion of aluminum cylinder sleeves or cast-iron sleeves (depending on whether you choose a residential model or a commercial model, respectively) improves durability significantly. Most all Honda pressure washers also include automatic low oil detection systems to warn you ahead of a catastrophe, and fuel shut off valves are included on all of the GX (commercial) options as well.

Honda prices have certainly crept up a little bit in years past compared to where they used to be previously, but this has a lot to do with their refusal to cut corners when it comes to construction materials or engineering.

Most still agree that Honda represents maybe the best investment in the pressure washer world, if only because the “heartbeat” of any pressure washer system – the small engine – is going to last you a lifetime and then some with very little maintenance.

Resale value on these kinds of pressure washers is also through the roof because of the longevity and durability they bring to the table. If you ever have to sell your unit when you’re done using it you’ll be able to recoup most of your investment, even if it’s a couple of years old.

How Honda Pressure Washers Stack Up Against the Competition

It’s rather difficult to Honda pressure washers up against the competition, if only because the overwhelming majority of the competition are actually using Honda the small engines themselves!

briggs & stratton vs honda
Briggs & Stratton Vs. Honda

Companies like Briggs & Stratton produce their own small engines (and actually produce more small engines per year than the folks at Honda), but they aren’t quite as capable, and quite as high-performing or even quite as inexpensive as the options that this Japanese manufacturer makes available.

Most people feel that Honda engines run a lot smoother and start better from a cold start than Briggs & Stratton. The overwhelming majority of people agree that Honda durability is light years ahead of Briggs & Stratton as well.

Karcher vs honda
Karcher Vs. Honda

Karcher also produces its own small engines for their pressure washers. Many of them are less expensive than Honda, but they also use lower quality construction materials and do not have the long-term reputation for durability that Honda has.

Subaru vs Honda
Subaru Vs. Honda

Subaru also has quite a few pressure washers available and they are probably the closest comparable option when it comes to the quality Honda provides. They are a little bit more expensive, but Subaru uses industrial grade parts across the board and has the same kind of reputation for durability to boot.

How to Squeeze Even More Performance Out of Your Honda Pressure Washer

While Honda pressure washers are going to handle the bulk of the heavy lifting when it comes to power and performance, there are a couple of accessories that can help you squeeze a little more performance out of your system.

pressure washer nozzles

Third-party multiple degree pressure washer nozzle tips provide a dramatic increase in overall cleaning capabilities right out of the box, allowing you to spray at hard-to-reach angles and to pressure wash specific areas that you wouldn’t have been able to get at without climbing on a ladder or setting up scaffolding previously. Many of the best options are rated at upwards of 4000 psi which should be plenty good enough for most residential and some commercial Honda pressure washing systems.

braided pressure washer hose
Braided Pressure Washer Hose

A braided pressure washer hose is going to give you a lot more security when it comes time to fire up some of the more heavy duty pressure washers from Honda. This is frequently the “weak link in the chain” when it comes to pressure washing systems, and the last thing you want to have to worry about is your pressure washer hose springing a leak – especially when it’s under pressure and you are close by!

pressure washer brush head
Brush Head Attachments

Brush head attachments (like carwash brush attachments, scrubby attachments, and hard surface attachments) all extend the capabilities of your new pressure washer dramatically. These are the kinds of options you’ll want to add on and use in specific applications, and you want to make sure you are dialing back your pressure settings accordingly before you snap them on and go to town.

At the end of the day, there are 16 different brands out there using Honda small engines to power their pressure washers.

Honda also sells their own in-house brand of pressure washer systems to the Japanese market, but thanks to today’s ultra-connected online marketplace you could purchase one and have it imported if you really want to take advantage of something “fully Honda” from tip to tail.

All things considered, these pressure washers can be counted on to deliver years and years of high-performance results with very little maintenance and repair necessary. You know exactly what you’re getting into when you purchase something from the folks at Honda!

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