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If you are on the hunt for a pressure washer today the odds are good – very good – that the folks at Karcher are going to have something you are interested in.

With a product lineup that includes 21 different electric pressure washers and 18 different gas powered pressure washers, it’s tough to imagine not being able to find something that fits your specific needs and your specific budget when looking at everything from Karcher.

As a company, Karcher has been around since 1950 when it was first formed up in Germany. They were responsible for producing the very first pressure washer in Europe, Mr. Alfred Karcher invented it in Germany and started the company that same year.

By 1962 the operation had spread all over Europe and then into the United States, and by the time 1974 rolled around and they switched to their iconic yellow branding but they were available almost everywhere on the planet. Today, you can find the best Karcher pressure washers in 60 countries throughout the world and they continue to expand on a regular basis.

best karcher pressure washer

Top 5 Karcher Pressure Washers on Amazon

So, why buy a Karcher Pressure Washer?

Most people are only interested in getting their hands on an ultra-powerful pressure washer, something with sky-high PSI ratings so that they can blast surfaces clean in ways that are impossible otherwise.

The folks at Karcher recognize the importance for power (raw power) but they also provide a lot of engineering in their power washers that allow them to refine that pressure as well. This is why Karcher pressure washers have been chosen to clean:

  • The Space Needle in Seattle
  • The monuments at Mount Rushmore
  • The Statue of Liberty

… And that only barely begins to scratch the surface of global historic hotspots, landmarks, and monuments that have entrusted Karcher to handle their pressure washing.

These aren’t the kinds of globally recognized landmarks that can be scrubbed with any old pressure washer, but instead need to be cleaned by equipment that can be trusted, equipment that is consistent, and equipment that is reliable.

Those three adjectives perfectly describe the entire Karcher lineup – and that’s why they are so popular.

There’s an almost legendary reputation for this company when it comes to performance and consistency. The engineering (German engineering) allows for raw power to be harnessed with refinement solutions that put you in more control over the pressure stream than maybe any other model on the market today.

karcher electric pressure washer

What Separates The Best Karcher Pressure Washers from the Rest of the Pack?

Well, the first thing that separates Karcher from the rest of the pack is that it is the world’s biggest electric pressure washer company on the planet. In 2015 alone they were able to sell more than 12.8 million units all over the world – making 2.2 billion along the way.

karcher power washerAnd that was just on their electric lineup, excluding all of their gasoline powered pressure washers that are just as popular – and just as profitable.

All of this money allows Karcher to fund extreme research and develop projects that their competitors couldn’t even begin to imagine trying to pull off. They can spend money on amazing engineers, new R&D approaches, and innovative new materials that other companies without this kind of financial backing simply cannot afford to invest in.

On top of that, the financial position this company enjoys allows them to have a lot of leverage when it comes to manufacturing equipment at scale. Karcher can roll out a tremendous amount of products and keep costs low without having to cut corners when it comes to quality.

Combine all of this with the fact that Karcher has 39 different pressure washers available to pick and choose from, covering literally any capability need or budget imaginable, and you see why it’s so easy for people around the world to choose this pressure washer company over most of the competition.

How Karcher Power Washers Stack Up Against the Competition

Karcher is far and away an industry leader and just may be regarded as the very best of the best manufacturer of pressure washer equipment anywhere on the planet today.

sun joe logo
Karcher Vs. Sun Joe

A close competitor as to be Sun Joe, a company based in the United States that is most well-known for trying to combine quality components with inexpensive prices in an effort to offer the most value for people’s money. They have a number of best selling pressure washers on the market today and are able to attract new customers by offering higher PSI and GPM equipment for less money than Karcher could.

At the same time, Sun Joe doesn’t offer the same kind of quality, the same kind of durability, or the same kind of longevity in their equipment that Karcher does. Or a slightly higher price tag you get equipment from Karcher that will last years and years longer – something first time customers learn shortly after they purchase a lower quality piece of equipment.

greenworks logo
Karcher Vs. GreenWorks

Another competitor Karcher has to square off with is GreenWorks. This company manufactures 100% electric components only, and while their product lineup isn’t quite as deep as Karcher has right now they continue to add new pressure washers on a regular basis and may get there someday.

GreenWorks pressure washers are more affordable than Karcher tools are to be sure, but they again do not have the kind of quality that Karcher offers – particularly in the long-term. You might have to purchase two or three of their pressure washers over the same span of time that a single Karcher would have lasted.

Ryobi logo
Ryobi Vs. Karcher

Ryobi has the same kind of financial resources that Karcher enjoys after their purchase by Hong Kong conglomerate Techtronic Industries. That allows them to compete on a somewhat level playing field, though the German engineers and innovators employed by Karcher maintain and adage over their Chinese counterparts right now.

Accessories, Parts, and Add-Ons to Help Squeeze Even More Performance Out of Your Karcher Pressure Washer

It’s tough to imagine squeezing out any extra performance from your Karcher pressure washer, if only because it is so high-performing all on its own already, but these accessories will help you get the job done for sure.

Rotating scrub Brush
Rotating Scrub Brush

A rotating scrub brush is a must-have when you’re going to be cleaning softer surfaces and smoother services and do not need to be blasting them with high-pressure all the time. These kinds of brushes work wonders for cleaning your home, your car, or your windows – throttling the pressure that your Karcher washer puts out and instead of dispersing it over the rotating scrub head.

wand extender
Extendable Washing Wands

Extendable washing wands are another must-have accessory, particularly if you want to stay as safe as possible with your feet firmly planted on the ground when using a pressure washer as opposed to climbing up the ladder and running some serious risk. These kinds of extendable and telescoping accessories can give you anywhere between 5 feet and 10 feet of extra reach.

power brush
Power Brush

Power brushes look a lot like a traditional shop brush head but pair perfectly with your power washer, helping you to really scrub up dirt and grime that has set in – the kind of gunk that your pressure washer alone isn’t able to effortlessly blast right off of different services for one reason or another. They come in all shapes and sizes, but you want to get a compact brush and a larger brush to cover all of your bases

In Conclusion

Karcher is certainly one of the prestige brands in the power washing space today and has been producing product since 1950 that deserve their slightly premium price tag.

At the same time, you’re going to be able to get your hands on German engineered products that use only the highest quality components throughout. These are the kinds of pressure washers you will be able to rely on for years and years to come, and with 39 models (as of today) to pick and choose from you’ll never have to worry about struggling to find the right one for your needs or for your budget.

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