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While not the oldest or most established small engine equipment company in the United States, Simpson does have the unique distinction of being one of the only companies manufacturing their small engine products 100% by hand – and they did so for the first 16 years of their existence!

This company started out in 1985 offering power tools, small engine products, and other industrial and commercial grade solutions for a variety of different trades. Today, Simpson pressure washers are considered to be amongst the very best of the best.

It’s no surprise that companies like DeWalt and Briggs & Stratton have partnered with Simpson to produce top-quality measure washers, specifically for the commercial/industrial side of this business.

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Top 5 Simpson Pressure Washers on Amazon

So, why buy a Simpson Pressure Washer?

One of the biggest reasons people choose to purchase Simpson pressure washers (especially commercial cleaners that need equipment they can depend on) is because the value for the price tag on these pressure washers is through the roof.

While not carrying the same kind of name brand recognition and cachet some of the other big brands in the business, you might be surprised to learn that some of the commercial DeWalt pressure washer systems are IDENTICAL to the same Simpson pressure washer systems – aside from the paint job and the branding – but the Simpson units cost about 50% less!

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There’s a lot of bang for your buck when you choose to invest in a Simpson pressure washer.

Another reason a lot of people choose these pressure washers versus the competition is that the company has recently been acquired by the FNA Group. In 2006, this organization purchased the Simpson brand and brought it in-house, giving this previously small company a lot of stability and a lot of financial backing that should give consumers confidence for years and years to come.

You know that Simpson isn’t going to disappear overnight and you also know that they now have the kind of financial resources some of the biggest companies in the business have access to. Combine that with their designs, their engineering, and their reputation and you have a winning formula.

What Separates The Best Simpson Pressure Washers from the Rest of the Pack

The support network that Simpson has through its authorized retailer/dealer network is off the charts, especially compared to some of the other competing companies operating in North America.

This isn’t the kind of company that’s going to take your money and run as soon as you have purchased one of their products. They offer fantastic frontline support to owners and operators that may be using a pretty complex piece of equipment for the first time, but they also make available almost every part you could ever need to repair or upgrade your Simpson pressure washer – as well as the education and the help to do so on your own should you choose to go that route.

Simpson 4200psi Pressure Washer

This isn’t a company that’s going to force you to bring your equipment into one of their authorized mechanics every time something is acting a little fuzzy. Instead, they really empower you with everything you need to fix the solutions on your own with parts that aren’t going to threaten to break your bank account or have you questioning whether or not you should fix your unit or purchase a brand-new one for just a little more money.

How Simpson Pressure Washers Stack Up Against the Competition

generac logo
Simpson Vs. Generac

As far as Simpson stacking up against Generac is concerned, this is a pretty neck and neck style competition. The entry-level options that Simpson provides are almost identical to the ones from the folks at Generac in power and performance, though Simpson products are a little bit more expensive (and use higher quality construction materials to make up for that extra cost).

honda logo
Simpson Vs. Honda

The Mega Shot power washer from Simpson actually takes advantage of Honda engines, leveraging the power of this formidable Japanese manufacturer while at the same time producing a very durable, reliable, and consistent pressure washer along the way. The matching of a durable axial pump and residential grade Honda engine turns this entry-level unit into something really special and maybe the most perfect residential system on the market today.

Karcher vs honda
Simpson Vs. Karcher

In the United States, you’re going to find Simpson power washers available at dramatically lower price tags compared to Karcher, though Karcher certainly offers a better line of solutions in the electric pressure washer product lineup. Simpson is probably seen as a more blue-collar kind of brand compared to Karcher, a company that has provided power washers for cleaning the Seattle Space Needle, the monuments at Mount Rushmore, and even the Statue of Liberty.

Attachments and Add-Ons to Help Squeeze Even More Performance Out of Your Simpson Pressure Washer

jerry can
Jerry Can / Feul Can

To get the most out of your Simpson pressure washer you’re going to want to invest in a decent sized Jerry Can that you can fill with fuel as these machines – even the most economical and fuel-efficient – are still going to chew through plenty of fuel because of the power they produce.

You can get anywhere between two and three hours of nonstop usage out of most Simpson models, but if you want to clean for any longer than that at a single time you will need to have extra fuel close at hand.

fuel stabilizer
Fuel Stabilizer

Secondly, if you live in a climate where the winters dip below freezing you’ll want to invest in a winterizing kit for your Simpson pressure washer. At the very least you’ll want to invest in a fuel stabilizer or empty out your tank completely. It’s not a bad idea to drain all of your oil from your pressure washer and then refilled it again with brand-new oil before the start of each new cleaning season.

pump saver
Pump Saver

The addition of a pump saver (something that can be picked up for about $10 at any power equipment retailer or big-box home improvement store) can change the game and improve the durability of your Simpson power washer as well. This also helps with the winterization of your power pressure washing unit and falls into the category of “must own” quip meant for sure.

Brass Couplers
Brass Couplers

Brass couplers help you to connect the high-pressure hoses you have to your pressure washer and they should be one of the first investments you make in accessories. Far too many companies sell high-pressure hoses with brass couplers or synthetic couplers that are just aching to bust apart with no advanced notice at all.

You won’t have that problem running brass on your system.

Extension Hose
Extension Hose

Extension hoses dramatically improve the amount of flexibility you have when you are cleaning with your Simpson pressure washer. Most of these come in 50-foot increments and you’ll want to be sure that all of them are rated to handle the pressure and the power that you’re going to be putting through your system.

Closing Thoughts

In today’s modern business environment it isn’t all that common to come across a company like Simpson that offers such high-quality products at such affordable price tags.

Day in and day out this company continues to impress with their product offerings, and it’s no surprise that they regularly have some of the highest rated and ranked pressure washers available on the market at any price.

Their entry-level options in residential systems are relatively quiet and capable, and the industrial and commercial solutions they provide are powerhouses that will not disappoint companies and organizations that need control, consistency, and raw power when they invest in this kind of power equipment.

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