How To Clean Stucco With a Pressure Washer

Stone walls, brick and standard siding are all common ways to decorate the house but stucco is an excellent alternative to all this if you know how to keep it clean. When my neighbor talked of getting the exterior revamped, I advised him stucco but he had his inhibitions about it since he had heard how difficult it is to clean. This is why I am sharing this post with my readers as I understand there are many misconceptions regarding stucco cleaning. If you have a pressure washer, you can easily clean stucco and keep it like brand new.

The Problem With Stucco

Stucco usually has a textured surface and this allows dirt, grime and dust to settle down all over the surface. What starts off as a beautiful surface soon disintegrates with weeks of dust piling over each other. Thankfully, having a pressure washer around works wonders as it blasts past any kind of build-up that may develop on your stuccoed wall.

Preparation For Pressure Washing Stucco

The very first thing to do is to ensure that there is no crack or chip in the stucco. Cracks encourage the seepage of water into the pores and potentially damage the entire wall down the line. Any crack or chip must be filled in immediately and given sufficient time to dry out. Give it a week’s time to dry before attempting to pressure wash the stucco.

Pressure Wash Technique For Stucco Walls

The best way to wash stucco is to first divide the entire wall into sections. Start by rinsing the wall with a good detergent section by section. Complete applying detergent on one section and pressure wash it before moving on to the next section. Also, begin the application of detergent from bottom to the top allowing 5 to 10 minutes of gap before pressure washing the surface.

Remember to water the stucco wall while the detergent is working its magic as the stucco will soak up some of the water.

When you pressure wash the stucco wall, use a 20 degree nozzle to direct water flow at a moderate PSI onto the common surface. However for heavy stains you will need a rotating scrub brush attachment.

Pressure Washing Stucco

Dealing With Rust And Heavy Stains

For heavily stained regions, a rotating scrub brush works great as it helps in freeing up dirt and grime before the pressure washer’s force blows them away. Choose a quality brush for this purpose as the better the quality, the faster the job gets done. For rust, you will have to scrub it by hand removing it slowly as you go since rust and water really don’t go well.

Finally Rinse

For rinsing the stucco, make sure that you depend on a low pressure spray tip and that it hits the wall at 45 degree angle. This is because stucco is delicate in nature and without a moderate spray pressure; the texture might just crumble away. Also, water the stucco from at least 24 inches away so as to prevent excessive force on the wall. Always start watering section by section and rinse off detergent with residue from the top to the bottom.

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