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How To Convert Your Driveway Into A Car Wash

Washing the car on a Sunday afternoon, nothing boasts more of the American dream but why then are car washes becoming a regular figure in every neighborhood? I believe everyone can have a car wash of their own with a little investment and buckets of water. Well, you really don’t need to fill up bucket loads just invest in a few things. You will already have towels, a vacuum cleaner, and wax so all you really need extra is a pressure washer.

Remember that a pressure washer generates at least 30 times the pressure or water flow strength as opposed to a garden hose so if you are tackling really tough dirt or grime then having a pressure washer is definitely helpful and essential for your own DIY car wash.

Cleaning Tips

Use the following tips to get your own personal car wash started at home.

  • Always start by rinsing your truck or car thoroughly even if it was recently washed. Dirt and dust tend to accumulate over time and can easily be removed with a simple water spray.
  • Get at the bottom too as that usually harbors a lot of rigid settlements of dirt. Contrary to popular belief this is what really makes a car dirty so clean it when you can. You will need an angled extension wand for the underbelly.
  • Use detergent with the chemical injection system of the pressure washer. Also use a detergent that is approved for use with a pressure washer so as not to damage the washer or your vehicle.
  • Depend on overlapping and smooth strokes beginning from the bottom and going to the top. Wait at least 10 minutes to give the solution sufficient time to work its magic.
  • For stubborn grime and dirt use a rotating brush instead of elbow grease.
  • Rinse using high pressure and work your way from top to bottom so that the entire surface is soap free.
  • Always pay attention to the distance and spray angle with a pressure washer because spraying too close will damage the car rather than cleaning it out.

Converting your front yard or garage into your private car wash will save you a lot of money and let you enjoy some quality time with your family at home. This family tradition no longer requires the use of buckets and mops, a pressure washer makes it easier and simpler following the same basics used in your local car wash shop.

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