Finding The Right Rotary Turbo Nozzle

Finding The Right Rotary Turbo Nozzle For a Pressure Washer

The zero degree RED spray tip, which is usually a common accessory sold with any pressure washer is more than enough to carve intricate designs in wood. If you have a flair for creativity, this nozzle can be your go-to tool for odd jobs. However, the spray from a RED nozzle is so thin that it really does not have the surface area coverage to clean up quickly. Just cleaning a small furniture with this nozzle will take a good few minutes if not hours.

On the other hand a Rotary Turbo nozzle takes the same principle of a zero degree Spray tip and spins it at supersonic speeds to cover more area. This unique nozzle lets you achieve the same power output of a RED nozzle while covering more surface area.

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How It Works

A RED spray tip forces water out through a tiny head that automatically increases the pressure to at least thrice of what the pressure washer can produce. All a rotary turbo nozzle does is to spin this zero degree tip in a circle of diameter 4 to 8 inches at over 3000 RPM. The end result is a larger spray area with zero drop in pressure or power.

Water hits the surface from different angles and helps break down caked grime and dirt with ease. If you have previously used a RED tip to remove hardened stains and loved the effect then you are sure to marvel at the efficiency of a rotary turbo nozzle.

Choosing The Right Turbo Nozzle

Rotary Nozzles for Pressure Washers

Unfortunately you cannot simply decide on any turbo nozzle. Depending on a few parameters you must take into account, you will be picking a perfect rotary turbo nozzle that can match the output of your pressure washer.

We can classify turbo nozzles based on their price, performance and build into consumer, semi-pro and professional nozzles. However, based on the orifice size, they can be of different types and this is the real calculation you will have to do.

By norm, the more GPM you require or the more water output you need the larger the orifice has to be. Keeping the GPM constant, for more pressure you will need to use a narrower orifice. Take for example, to achieve 2 GPM you can use an orifice of 4 to 3.00 in size and get a PSI of 1000 to 1800 PSI.

  • Commercial grade pressure washers usually produce less than 2400 PSI of pressure and having a nozzle with 3.0 orifice will be more than enough.
  • Semi-pro washers can generate around 3500 PSI and for the same you can get a normal 4 or 5 orifice but it should be built from a thicker material.
  • Professional grade washers can produce more than 5000 PSI and can take any kind of orifice size but the smaller the orifice size, the thicker the material must be. Higher pressures exert a tremendous force on the nozzle head and can tear it apart if it is not properly built.

Regardless of what you ultimately purchase, remember to keep the orifice small. Too wide an orifice and you drop pressure. At the end of the day, a rotary turbo nozzle is all about utilizing high pressure concentrate spray to clean up quicker.

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