Pressure Washer Home Improvement Projects

You would never believe me if I said that a good pressure washer is a solution to all your home improvement cleanliness projects. Well, that is exactly what I am saying. With a pressure washer and a moderate surface cleaning solution or detergent, there is nothing that you cannot achieve. Cleaning furniture, glass, and your grill are all fine. So is cleaning a car or truck easy with a pressure washer (which we have addressed under a separate section). However, home improvement with a pressure washer is a tricky venture that requires care and attention as damage from pressure washing can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars in repairs.

home improvement pressure washing

In this section, we address a few common problems faced by homeowners that require a lot of time. I generally use pressure washers almost everywhere but the few home improvement projects I have chosen for this category are actually the trickiest of all. Operating a pressure washer without care or with disregard for the consequences can be disastrous. Always remember that a pressure washer develops a lot of force and with the 0-degree spray tip it is easy to carve your name into any metal surface.

Home Improvement With a Pressure Washer – Do’s and Don’t’s

Be Careful With Elevated Areas

When you use a pressure washer on the roof or with second floor walls, try to secure yourself to the flooring or use anti-skid rubber shoes. Wet surfaces can be quite slippery especially when using pressure washer.

Use Low Pressure For Rinsing

Unless otherwise stated, never rinse a surface, preparing it for application of detergent with a high pressure spray tip. Low pressure spray tip helps in wetting the surface and getting rid of loose dirt and gravel.

Leave The Chemical For A While

It’s important that you try and be patient with a pressure washer. If you do not let the detergent work its magic then no amount of pressure is going to clean it.

Always dress for the occasion

Pressure washers tend to throw a lot spray away from the intended target. We suggest that you dress in full sleeves and in full pants if you don’t like getting wet with dirty or detergent laden water.

High Pressure For Washing

A high pressure tip works best to blast away debris, grime, stains once the detergent has done its work.

​Take a look at the following home improvement projects:

Take a look at the following home improvement projects: