How To Clean The Garage Floor With a Pressure Washer

I find my garage infested with bugs and pests every fall. Summer affects the garage the most with oil stains, cobwebs, dried leaves and every kind of stain ravaging the floor.  But don’t just go blasting it away with your pressure washer. While fall is the perfect time to declare war on your garage floor, there is a lot more preparation that must go into disinfecting it first. You never know what kind of bug infestation it may have.

Worst of all, if you decide not to clean the garage floor in the fall then the vile filth will grow thicker and more adamant by the time spring arrives. The good news is that with a pressure washer and few other tools you can disinfect your garage floor and leave it squeaky clean like before summer.

Heed This Warning!

Before I explain how to improve your garage floor with a pressure washer, know that a gas powered washer is not the ideal choice for closed spaces like a garage. It emits odorless carbon monoxide that is deadly even in tiny concentration. Hence, if you do not have an electric washer, then make sure to leave the garage door open when washing the floor. In fact, it is best to operate a gas powered washer in a well-ventilated area.

Do You Need To Brush First?

Once you move all your stuff out of the garage you may want to sweep the floor with a broom. But wait! Don’t do this yet. In fact, if you do the right thing you won’t have to waste time sweeping the floor with a broom.

Instead spray the floor with a heavy duty degreaser or you could use a concrete cleaner. This cleansing solution used under low pressure actually works wonders in comparison with soap water by preventing the dust from mixing with the air. Also avoid using high pressure as this will inevitably force dust into the air.

Start With A Wet Sweep

Take your time sweeping the floor. In fact, there is no need to hurry. Let the solution works its magic into the floor and once you are see the solution drying out, you can start sweeping with a floor brush attached to the pressure washer wand. This will help in removing large debris while the foaming bristles will help get the detergent deeper into stains on the garage floor.

Time To Fire Away

Okay, so now you can start firing away with your pressure washer. Switch to the high pressure mode and begin spraying directly at the floor from the back of the garage moving gradually towards the front. This will force the water directly out of the garage.

There is no need to literally flood the garage to clean it up. In fact, if you tried washing the garage floor with a garden hose you would actually use 80 percent more water. On the other hand, a pressure washer uses pressure and force with very little water to get the floor cleaned up.

Give The Final Touches

For the final touches use a surface cleaner as these revolutionary products reduce the spatter onto the drywall and come off easily. Plus it gives a great shine once washed off. To drain the excess water you can use a squeegee.

Pressure Washing Garage Floors