How To Power Wash Your Grill or BBQ

How to Pressure Wash your Grill or Clean your BBQ

Every winter your backyard barbecue station sleeps its way awaiting the return of summers. This is the time when it is most protected but also the time it can wear down the most. Harsh summer weathers with continuous use can and eventually will dirty your grill. Working with a dirty grill is no fun when you are making master class burgers and hotdogs. What you need is a pressure washer that can get rid of all the grime and dirt so that your grill retains its exquisite allure in any weather condition.

Consider the fact that every ounce of fat and grease that was cooked from the meat on your grill has eventually made its way into your grill. A simple wash is not going to remove all this. What you need is a thorough cleansing with a pressure washer. This device makes it easy, quick and efficient to maintain your backyard grill, no matter the size.

What You Will Require to Pressure Wash You Grill

You need a pressure washer with at least 2000 PSI and 1.3 GPM. Unlike a car or boat, grills are mostly metallic and tend to accumulate grime and grease with ease. Cleaning this requires a lot of force and pressure.

The Precautions Before Pressure Washing

  • The very first thing to do before you start cleaning your grill is to disconnect the electricity lines. You do not want a grill with an electric starter to be powered when spraying it with tons of water.
  • If you own a propane grill then disconnect and move the tank away. Also, move the connection hose away so that it does not take any water inside.
  • For natural gas line dependant grills, simply disconnect the line.
  • Use a good degreaser. Meat tends to release a lot of fat that accumulates all over the grill. Without an appropriate degreaser, it is similar to cleaning a dish that has been oiled thoroughly. Just water at high pressure alone cannot eliminate grease.

Pressure Washing Procedure

  • Start by blasting the grill with the 40 degree spray tip so as to remove any loose dirt or grime deposit on the surface. This also waters the grill making it easier to apply degreaser.
  • Next, apply the degreaser all over the grill and take particular care when dealing with extremely dirty areas. Let the chemical do its work for 5 minutes after which you can continue washing.
  • Use a pressure washer set at high pressure of around 2000 PSI and blast with a 15 degree spray tip so as to produce a concentrated rinsing effect. This will blast away all grime and grease from the surface.
  • For particularly tough areas, use another application of the degreaser and blast it with a 35 degree tip from close range.
  • Once done with the cleaning, rinse the entire grill down with a 40 degree tip and let it dry out in the sun. Do not use the grill until the next day or until it has completely dried.

How To Pressure Wash Your Grill - Clean Grill Grates Burners Cover

Spray Tips Overview:

  • 0 Degree Tip RED – Not the best tip for pressure washing grills since it tends to scratch the surface.
  • 15 Degree Tip YELLOW – This is the best tip for cleansing with a degreaser from distance.
  • 35 Degree Tip GREEN – Use this to address particularly adamant strains or grease patches.
  • 40 Degree Tip WHITE – Best used for rinsing and pre-rinsing purposes.

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