How To Clean Your Garbage Can With a Pressure Washer

I don’t mind any kind of home improvement chore, in fact I love engaging in renovations, repairs and cleaning tasks. The only task that gives me the shivers is cleaning our garbage can. Most of my friends and relatives tend to avoid this task but I am a cleanliness freak and so I spent a lot of time trying to figure out the easiest and quickest way to clean a garbage can without having to endure the dirty decaying rotten egg smell.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

  • First, dirt and grime builds up every week in the trash can, which can start stinking within a couple of weeks.
  • Cleaning the garbage after three weeks can be an awful activity considering the stench it leaves.
  • Never use a garden hose as it tends to only rinse a few loose debris away but does hardly anything about the horrendous smell.
  • Pressure washers work the best!

But before you begin, you will need a rotating brush. A pressure washer has got what it takes to blast away dirt and grime but to really get into the midst of muck you will need a rotating brush. A spinning brush helps you by saving energy and time, working on your behalf and cutting down effort by half.

How To Pressure Wash Garbage Can

Once you have a rotating brush and a powerful detergent beside you, it is time to start cleaning. First apply an even coating of powerful detergent on the trash can interior and exterior with a rotating scrub brush. Then slowly rinse the surface so that the detergent goes deep into the grime.

Power wash the surface both inside and outside to remove every inch of detergent. If this still does not take care of the stench then you will need to use a solution of water and bleach. Use 1 part bleach with 4 parts water and scrub the entire surface with a hand brush. Remember not to put this solution in your pressure washer as bleach is a corrosive substance that can eat through your rubber seals and damage the entire machine.

Cleaning Garbage Cans with a pressure sprayer

How To Rinse

Do not rinse immediately after applying the detergent. Wait a while so that the detergent takes action on the trash can. Then flush out the detergent with regular water from a garden hose. Once the detergent is cleaned off, it is time to blast or rinse the entire surface with a 40 degree spray tip.

A word of advice, stand aside from the can when using a pressure washer and stand away from the end you are spraying at if you intend to stay dry throughout the process.

Tips To Improve Cleaning

Instead of completing your trash can cleaning chore in a single day take two days. For the first day apply the detergent and rinse it off. On the second day apply bleach solution and then pressure wash it. This ways, you won’t have to bear the stench of the grime as it comes off on the second day.