Simpson Megashot MSH3125-S Review

SIMPSON Cleaning MSH3125-S 3100 PSI at 2.5 GPM Gas Pressure Washer Powered by HONDA with OEM Technologies Axial Cam Pump

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  • GAIN CLEANING POWER IN YOUR HANDS: If you are looking for a powerful pressure washer with minimal investment that will accommodate even the most demanding cleaning needs, then we have got you covered. Meet the SIMPSON MSH3125 gas pressure washer powered by HONDA. At 3100 PSI at 2.5 GPM, this easy to use power washer will eliminate dirt, grime or even mildew from any hard to remove spot or area!
  • KINK & ABRASION RESISTANT HOSE: Forget all those messy and easily destroyed water hoses. Invest in our flexible, lightweight, 1/4-Inch x 25-Foot MorFlex high pressure hose. MorFlex hoses are non-marring, kink and abrasion resistant which means this pressure washer hose can withstand some heavy-duty use. The M22 connectors will ensure a secure and safe fit.
  • SELECT THE CORRECT NOZZLE TIPS FOR YOUR CLEANING NEEDS: Do not compromise with anything less than perfection when it comes to your gas pressure washer. Now with a gas-powered SIMPSON pressure washer you are the boss of water pressure! Choose among 5 different nozzle tips (0°, 15°, 25°, 40°) depending on the surface you are cleaning.
  • BECAUSE YOUR SAFETY COMES FIRST: We have meticulously designed this gas pressure washer, the MSH3125-S, with your best interest at heart. That is why this professional spray gun bears a safety lock-out. The pressure washer is made from heavy gauge frame components, welded steel construction and has 10'' pneumatic tires.
  • CLEAR SURFACES & FLOORS IN SECONDS: Thanks to its powerful HONDA GC190 engine, this gas pressure washer will quickly eliminate the mess on any cleaning surface! Perfect for all floors either wooden, tiled or marble, windows, garden fences, decks, furniture, patio, prepping home exteriors for painting, rooftops and so many other uses for you to discover.

The Simpson Megashot MSH3125-S is an ugly looking pressure washer that looks more like a ripped apart car engine. Well, fret not, most gas pressure washers actually look worse than this baby. In fact, in my opinion, it is the most portable and easy to use machine out in the market. Well, as long as you get all the right parts the first time around, your experience with pressure washing and gas engines should be nothing less than pleasant. My only reason not to give it a perfect 5 out of 5 rating though is the abysmal customer support from Simpson, which my guess is based out of India or somewhere, and the missing parts.

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Ease Of Use: 4/5

The ripcord is l0ose enough to pull without straining the neck or shoulder muscles but not too loose to require multiple attempts. And with a detailed instruction manual, operating it is quite simple. Actually, if it had not been for the detailed manual, I would never have realized that a small attachment nut was missing. Thank god, it wasn’t a hose or something more important as in many other cases. Well, if you manage to get all the components at once from Simpson then you are probably the luckiest customer out there. Otherwise, I find nothing hard to do with this pressure washer.

Noise: 3.5/5

Unlike the powerful Honda GX200, the GC190 is a tad bit quieter but not that much. You can still hear it chug along and produce an impressive output. What it does, however, do better because of its smaller size is mask a bit more of the noise. So in comparison with the GX200 engine, this one actually does sound a little less noisy. (At least marginally to me)

Simpson Megashot MSH3125-S Video:

Simpson MSH3125-S Review

Power: 5/5

The pump and engine together pelt out around 3100 PSI. The pump is a Free Brass Axial Cam Pump, which is not the best in its class but is good enough to last a couple of years. Basically, with the steel lance, spray gun, and 5 spray tip assortment, you get sufficient extension of power and output. In my opinion, it provides ample power for any average household task. Be it washing cars or cleaning up the patio, this Simpson pressure washer manages all with ease.

Application: 5/5

The only real complication with regards to household chores is cleaning cars and interior furniture. Because this machine delivers in excess of 3000 PSI, it is not advisable to use with cars. If you do so then prefer using the 20 or 40-degree spray tip attachment to reduce the pressure and increase the spray area. Otherwise, you can do almost everything else with this pressure washer.

Simpson Megashot MSH3125-S Review

SIMPSON Cleaning MSH3125-S 3100 PSI at 2.5 GPM Gas Pressure Washer

Durability: 4/5

Welded steel frame, pneumatic easy wheels give the Megashot MSH3125-S portability and durability. It is a durable machine designed to last a really long time and the only real concern is whether the Axial pump shall hold up in the long run. According to customer reviews, it tends to die out after a couple of years but that is to be expected from a mid-range semi-pro pressure washer. Thankfully, you can repair these axial pumps for a nominal cost and since the engine continues to chug along even after a decade, you have low maintenance gas pressure washer sitting ready in your garage.

Customer Support: 2/5

Simpson sucks when it comes to customer support. With most of its technical support outsourced, do not expect a quick resolution of conflicts and problems. In fact, just to order back the missing parts, one has to wait 2 weeks. Call up their customer care number and you will be stuck with a person who hardly understands what you are telling him or her and isn’t really interested in helping you out either.

Features and Specifications:

  • 5 Quick connecting nozzles packed along with – 0,15, 25, 40 and soap nozzles.
  • Hose and gun storage onboard.
  • Siphoning tube for detergent.
  • Portable design with 10-inch pneumatic premium tires.
  • Thermal relief valve with the unloader system.
Simpson Megashot MSH3125-S Review
Ease Of Use
Customer Support
Reader Rating4 Votes3.4
Durable, efficient and effective with a long lasting engine and pump designed for ergonomic use.
The GC190 Honda engine is superb to start and it helps produce an impressive 3100 PSI of pressure.
Once again, it is the pump that tends to falter first as is the case with other Simpson models.
Almost always, parts are missing in shipments that then take 2 weeks or more to come.
Compared to the PS3228, the Megashot MSH3125-S costs about $100 less and provides an equivalent power output. This is the primary reason why I have rated it as 4.3 out of 5. Yes, the customer support problem is irritating and missing parts aren’t really a happy sight but at the end of the day, you are paying less for something that is powerful and durable.

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