remove Graffiti With A Pressure Washer

How To Remove Graffiti With a Pressure Washer

Graffiti looks great when it speaks a message in fact, the Berlin Wall possess as the best canvas but not your backyard or your lawn pickets. Walking out of your property only to find it defaced with graffiti is all too common nowadays but don’t fret there is something that you can do about it. You may think that it will be overtly expensive to remove graffiti and it may even cause serious damage but it isn’t so. You really don’t need professionals to deal with graffiti. You can do it all by yourself. All you need is a pressure washer and your vandalized property will be back to its prior state in no time at all.

Removal Procedure

The good news is that you don’t need any special grade of detergent or washing agent. This mess can be tackled with a simple pressure washer. To start with wash down the surface with a low pressure spray. Use the nozzle about 2 feet away and move in closer until you observe the graffiti wearing down. If you find it too stubborn to start wearing down then switch over to the high pressure general tip. At all times keep a watch over the underlying surface to ensure that it doesn’t wither away because of the pressure exerted on it. This is especially true with softer surfaces like stucco wall or wood fence.

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Turbo Nozzle

For masonry or brick surfaces, try using turbo nozzles. This always seems to get the job done quickly. Moreover, brick has a tendency to catch hold of deep rooted paint so higher the pressure better is the result.

What About Stray Paint?

What happens if you have a bucket of paint and it falls flat on your wall? While this may seem like a similar situation to graffiti, it isn’t so. Wet paint is easy to take off but dry paint is a different proposition altogether. This is more so when you already have an underlying layer of paint. Even graffiti over painted walls is a difficult task to tackle without damaging the paint. For this you will require the use of a paint thinner but only slightly mixed in with water to dilute it further. A low pressure nozzle with this mixture from far will do the trick but with graffiti over previously painted surface, you cannot use a pressure washer. Slowly work on the graffiti with a brush and a diluted mixture of paint thinner.

How To Remove Grafiti with a Briggs & Stratton Pressure Washer

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